I date men who make good characters. To me, this is their most valuable quality. Unfortunately “characters” don’t always make good lovers. Or maybe they are people and I make them into characters. Either way it’s a pattern, it’s perverse.

2 thoughts on “realization

  1. Anonymous

    Call it conceit, but I like to think I make the best of both…

    People don’t always view these as good traits…

    Yet I still don’t see anything wrong with being that storybook romance, or even that incredible erotica you read…

    But if you’re making them into characters, does that mean you’re objectifying them? lol

    Dammit, I’m not an object, I am a human being…

    Me & Mr Merrick…


    1. sherewin Post author

      on display

      I think I’m definitely objectifying them. I have a hard time taking them for who they are. Rather, I quickly decide who I want them to be and ignore the evidence they display that indicates otherwise.


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