He’s just not that into you

Last night I told the Russian I wouldn’t be seeing him tonight because I’m planning on having an affair with the Canadian, who is passing through on his way to summer work. I believe in honesty. But, since he’s just not that into me, he didn’t seem to care. That, or he didn’t take me seriously. 


5 thoughts on “He’s just not that into you

  1. Anonymous

    Ya know, I firmly believe that humans should exist like 89% of the other animals on the planet; if a male desires a female, and the female is already with a male, the male can then challenge the other, and whoever wins the female has to be with…

    It may be sexist but it’s nature… And really, who are we to fuck with nature?

    And besides, I’m 98% certain I could “take” any suitor that could come along; 6’4″, 240lbs, and built like a brick shithouse… lol

    Not to mention I had the kind of reckless youth that would make Hinton proud…



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