For reals

The new geraniums are potted and probably dying. Something that might be mold has formed from keeping them too long in the vase for rooting. This blossom is the most vibrant, brilliant color I’ve seen in a geranium so I’m not willing to give up yet. I can always get another start from Mom’s mother plant if I want.
The houseguest went well, confirming once again that I don’t want to be with the Canadian. The void in the Russian’s life left him realizing how much he missed me and wanted to be with me. This is a good thing because I’m liking him more.

The first two weeks we were neutral. The third week I liked him more, and he liked me more after the fourth week. Have I mentioned that relationships scare me?
Gpa said of the Russian, “I was quite impressed with the Russian. He’s a real person. He’s smart and quirky.” Gpa’s approval is all I need.


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