baking a chicken and eating it

Have you ever baked a chicken and then eaten it? I suppose not, since most people reading this don’t eat meat. I’m back to my single, lonely days. This reminds me of Bellingham when I would bake a chicken and then eat it. It also reminds me of Repulsion, which I watched in Bellingham. There comes a point when I realize I’m alone, very alone and have been for awhile. I realize that the last thousand calories I ate were in nibs and diet pepsi. I realize that I should have something substantial to eat. It’s times like these when I bake a chicken and eat it. Now you know the truth.

3 thoughts on “baking a chicken and eating it

  1. depressedasfuck

    being alone can be a good thing…

    but know, that i’d be more than willing to be with you if you were here…

    although I KNOW the feelings not mutual, i just thought, in times like these, it might make you feel a little less lonely…


    1. sherewin Post author

      Thanks for the offer. I know being lonely, or being alone rather, can be good. Usually it’s just what I need. It’s just that weirdness often ensues.


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