oh baby

I have sweaty armpits, but only usually when I’m chilly, which is most of fall and winter. I used to worry about this. I used to worry that I had “overactive sweat glands” or something. No antiperspirant would stop it. Then, in grad school, I had a teacher with sometimes-sweaty armpits, and I thought she was beautiful and healthy and suddenly having sweaty armpits didn’t seem so bad. In fact, it even got to be pretty. Now, if I sweat, so what? It means I’m alive. It means I’m healthy, that I work out, that my body functions. Today was bad, eyes were darting from armpits to eye contact. I pointed out things on the board. I waved my arms around for emphasis. I listened with one hand on my hip and one hand on my chin. 
In other news I had deja vu at work. I’ve been having deja vu for the past month. I dreamed all of this a couple of years ago in grad school.


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