I’m learning the limitations of my new luggage. Last night I was too excited to sleep. Maybe it was the moon, but I have three more nights before I leave. Isn’t there something I’m forgetting? I’ve been reading The American Woman in the Chinese Hat and filling my head with dreams and clouds and fog and absolutely nothing that is based in reality or logic. This is what my mind and brain are meant for. I feel whole, that or split in two.


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  1. sherewin Post author

    I just got back from visiting France and Finland. I attended a language school in Nice for three weeks+, then a week+ in Paris for sightseeing, then a week in Helsinki visiting a friend.
    I also just got a job offer to teach in Taiwan, similar to what you’re doing. I declined though. I just can’t commit to a year. I just can’t leave this comfy little life I have now.
    How are things with you?


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