Monthly Archives: June 2007

homeland security

I am back from my excursion. Nice was incredible, memorable, fast-paced friend making, just as Neely O’Hara said. Traveling and the inevitable tourism that comes with it makes me uncomfortable. I hated Paris. I prefer it in television. I prefer women. I love Helsinki and wanted to take over the life I was stealing there and would have had I seen any opportunity to do so. I broke my heart.
I came home and abruptly broke up with my boyfriend for theoretical as well as instinctual reasons. I went to Oregon for a week in order to binge and sleep. I came back and came back to my boyfriend and have been here ever since (one week).
Also, it’s worth noting that for one month I thought I was pregnant with the Messiah.

Mood: Petrified, Clarified, Directed