Monthly Archives: July 2007

hot water rising

There is nothing better than monsoon storms in the desert, rain because we need it so badly and the smell of steam rising up from the hot pavement.

My love reads Harry Potter, a remnant from five years ago when he was a child. We waited in line at midnight. I love him.

I’ve been on a gluten free diet for a week and a half. I feel better, but I’m not sure if that was ever the problem. Gluten free baked goods are dry, but on the positive side, they exist.

I just discovered that I look like the movies when I’m wearing nothing but a man’s button up shirt.

If a man happens to take off or leave a button up shirt at your place, or if you come across one by some other means, you should try it on and enjoy the instant lengthening of your legs.



I’m going to be cleaning my own bedsores soon. There are mattresses on my livingroom floor. I won’t even go into the details of why they’re there, but I’ve been assured that it was not the incestuous threesome that it appeared to be. I’m trying to stay cool. On the mattresses. Watching t.v. Eating cold, sugary treats. Alone.

Mood: heat waves on a highway

happy 4th

I hope none of you received any burns and that your dogs and pets have regained their sanity. Walking alone to the store yesterday, I was attacked by students in the back of two big diesel trucks. They were armed with super soakers.

Starting my day by watching The Royal Tenenbaums,and eating splenda popsicles under a blanket makes me want to live.
Yesterday I had a sweaty red dot on my forehead from a hare krishna holy man.
It is worth mentioning that I did not become pregnant.
Afterwards we ate good Indian food, like the kind we used to get from the Screaming Retard.
I felt alone and in love.

State: Baptized