Monthly Archives: September 2007

My parents are getting sheep! This is the best news I have received since I first got the news as a child (9?) that I could buy two ewes with my savings.

I have been horribly stressed lately and am realizing that I don’t have very good coping skills, which is contrary to what I used to believe about myself. I mean, I knew I was too sensitive, easily hurt, very thin skin. Stress I thought I could handle though. 

the war on terrorism

I’m looking at a bouquet of a dozen roses displayed in a wide-mouth water bottle. The last time I received such roses was from my parents after the opening night of my high school play.
Yesterday, two times I heard that the war in Iraq is justified because it is retaliation for 9/11. This humiliates me. I’ve felt deep humiliation twice in the past week–although the two incidents were unrelated. I’m feeling a little victimized lately, taken advantage of, disregarded, etc., in work and in love.