My candle flame is making a strobe light right now. I wonder what causes that. A severe weather warning notified me of the hail that is now slapping at my window. The wind and weather wakes me up at night lately. I have this big radiator. I love this kind of heat. It makes me feel cozy, and since I don’t pay for heat, I can turn it way up. Also, I recently bought new tea: pomegranate green tea. It smells amazing, but its taste is less so. This is the makings of a lovely, cozy winter, but now I fear that it will be lonely and anxious.


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  1. syllepsis

    I find fruit in anything repulsive. However, I love all fruit. It does not surprise me the pomegranate did not go well with the green. But get some in your diet anyhow, I hear it’s good for the prostate. What’s going on?


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