I’ve been interested in Andy Warhol lately. Saw Factory Girl and a docu on Andy. Read up on them both. Desperately wanted a cigarette. A few years ago I got into Basquiat. Andy volunteered, he went to church on Sunday, he wasn’t one to go into debt or do drugs. He lived with his mother. An IQ of 68 or 148–nobody knows. Well, actually it is quite clear that it was something higher, based on his smirk and based on the way he enjoyed messing with us. He reminds me of me. Basically I think we are the same person. I watch people take too many drugs, drink too much, stay in bad relationships, and I just watch. Edie went overboard with the drugs and Andy just watched. There is something about watching someone who has everything piss it away. Lindsey, Britney, we want them to go deeper and deeper. I am their working-class admirers.
His mannerisms set the pace for people like Tim Gunn.


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      1. syllepsis

        I can never decide if he was a strange genius or a complete flake. Probably a genius. I’m endlessly fascinated by him anyhow. I could go on. You know I lived in Pittsburgh where he’s from. He’s a god there. Even the hoboes know who he is, etc. Why aren’t you answering your phone?

      2. syllepsis

        Sorry, I left for Seattle at 4 and didn’t even check my phone until this morning while driving back. Now I’m working, but I will call later. We picked up Rebecca Brown this morning and drove her up here for a reading she’s doing here and are driving her back later tonight. But I want to talk to you and will try this afternoon between work and the reading.

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