Monthly Archives: November 2007

When I can caffeinate up the motivation, I go for a run in a ridiculous blue Power Rangers headband and hope the construction workers don’t break into my apartment/open the door while I am gone. I wipe my nose on my sleave. I scream “left” at people I meet on the sidewalk. There, now you know.



I had a dream that I was with my dad at a farmer’s market ran by Amish or maybe Mennonite farmers. It was the best farmer’s market ever: corn for popping, eggs, canned salmon, jerky–lots of dried goods. Immediately after waking up, I accidentally called Boyfriend, “Dad.”

I’ve been watching a lot of tranny movies lately, Transamerica, Southern Comfort, and the latest: You Don’t Know Dick, presented by the SLC Film Society and Gay Alliance at the library last night. Boyfriend is, to a degree, genderqueer. I think he is comforted to be around similar kinds of people. I am comforted (w/c?) to be around similar kinds of people. The film was interesting, but about 10 years dated. The panel afterwards was good, with a male to female woman stealing the show. She held her young daughter on her lap. She was an active member of the LDS faith. There were also three female to male men who were men.
Interesting Idea: They had spent most of their lives trying to pass.  And yet, as they became more successful at passing, they were less of a community. The more they pass, the less the public is aware of the large numbers of transgender people out there. The more people see this as normal/common, the more it will be accepted.
I thought of E. Everyone wants to know how other people have sex.
Finally, the androgynous panelist. She was so smart, so confident. He said finding partners had never been a problem for her. “No,” I thought to myself, “I doubt it has.” E, back in the day, you would have taken him out for a “drink.” She was the kind of person you want to follow around to imitate or just to see what will happen next. He said to use pronouns interchangeably.
This is why I moved to Salt Lake City.

I made my first meatloaf tonight. It is beautiful, but a little rich I think. I’m having it with a kind of cornbread muffin-y thing that I baked. It’s not a perfect pairing, but it’s okay. What goes with meatloaf?