I made my first meatloaf tonight. It is beautiful, but a little rich I think. I’m having it with a kind of cornbread muffin-y thing that I baked. It’s not a perfect pairing, but it’s okay. What goes with meatloaf?

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  1. poebot

    high fructose corn syrup

    pomme frit(t)es?

    an elaborate collection of greens and vegetables (une salade)?

    steamed cauliflower?

    i don’t know the french word for cauliflower.

    do the french eat meatloaf?

    i hated meatloaf when i was a tot; i liked it as i got older. we ate it with ketchup.

    i haven’t had meatloaf for a long time.

    you should read selah saterstrom. i can’t remember if i mentioned, and i don’t know if syllepsis did either…two books, start with the pink institution, then meat and spirit plan.

    and that is all for now on the subject of meat in the middle of the night.

      1. wickenden

        I don’t have an apple tree, but I wish I did. I wish I had an orchard of apples grown from seed. Just finished reading a couple of books by Michael Pollan, most recently “The Botany of Desire” wherein he expounds upon the joyous variety of an apple orchard planted from seed.

        But, I have neither seed planted nor grafted apple trees. I buy ’em from Verds, and Dorise makes and jars the apple sauce.

        As for me — I am. Trying to be zen and not hate the winter, but it brings lots of headaches — car problems, snow … I wish I lived in a city and had a good bus system during the winter.

      2. sherewin Post author

        I should get “The Botany of Desire” for my dad. He is has no fewer than three orchards, and he is absolutely obsessed with them. He is forever running out of reading materials on the subject.

      3. wickenden

        In B of D, he investigates Apples, Tulips, Cannabis, and Potatoes. A beautiful, elegant read.

        But for real fun, read “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”. I think it’s a masterpiece.


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