Last night I attended my former roommate/former Miss Utah’s annual Miss America party. Some wore gowns. I stayed close to my good friend Tierra all night. For some reason I hadn’t bathed for two days. There was one heated discussion where I was the only one who argued that Jamie Lynn Spears should not be fired for getting pregnant at sixteen, that pregnancy was not a valid reason for getting fired, that women, no matter their age, have the right to get pregnant or not get pregnant to their heart’s desire. Everyone else thought she should be fired and should give the baby up for adoption. I also argued against adoption, that, while it may be the best option for some, it should not always be the knee jerk response. The conversation ended with me stating that she could keep her job and get an abortion if she didn’t want the baby, etc.
I do, however, love these parties, and hope that my combative comments will not diminish my chances of an invite in the future. Miss USA is in April.


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  1. poebot

    nothing to do with miss america

    i finished open curtain yesterday, and i thought it was pretty good. did you end up reading any of brian evenson’s work? i thought of you yesterday, wondering if you had ended up reading his work and what you thought.


    1. sherewin Post author

      Re: nothing to do with miss america

      I keep forgetting to pick him up at the library, but was reminded again by your last post. I am anxious to read it.

  2. syllepsis

    Put the baby up for adoption? What, like she can’t afford to hire three cuban nannies to take care of it?

    I agree that it’s dangerous to use any instance of pregnancy to talk about limiting job rights for women.

    Have you seen Juno?

    Can you believe Heath Ledger is dead and that half the nation thinks his name was Keith Ledger?

    1. sherewin Post author

      Adoption is always the answer since abortion is so frowned upon and traditional families are so preferred. Since she doesn’t have either of those: adoption is always the answer. I think my new attitudes on adoption are solely a reaction. Truthfully, I think adoption can and does work. Call me!


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