My typical Friday: If I can peel myself out of bed by 9:20, I drive down to the nearest 24 Hour Fitness in my pjs for their brand of yoga. I don’t feel bad about taking child’s pose. Then, coffee, donut, trashy celebrity gossip magazine and I’m back to my apartment to lay around in bed reading, reading, reading, and (do they still call it “surfing” the web?) surfing, surfing, surfing. Maybe I’ll do laundry. Maybe I won’t. I need/take this day to recover from teaching as many as 7 introduction to composition classes per semester.
There are still four schools that I have not heard back from yet and I would like funding at one school that has only admitted me so far (CW PhD at University of Nebraska, Lincoln.) But, would I really go there?
Unless something more interesting comes my way, I will probably be off to Pullman for a PhD at Washington State University. Career-wise, this might not be the best choice, but I think I will be happier and more productive if I am able to be close to my friends and family. My main career goals are to be happy and content in my job and to feel like I’m doing something useful (useful for humanity, not useful like pulling lumber at the plywood mill.)
Starting this program will be a serious shock to my system. No more lazy Fridays. No more making my own deadlines. I won’t truly rest until the entire 4? 5? 6? years are over. Eh. Hopefully I can find a niche, a friend, an interesting project.


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