no chickens realization

Probably I can’t have chickens anyways. In thinking about my options for grad school, I keep hoping I’ll end up somewhere where I can have a few chickens. I mean, I’ll be in my thirties when I am done with this program and in my thirties I always imagined myself having chickens. But then I realized that probably, I can’t have chickens anyways. I mean, as long as I am *single* I will be traveling to my parents’ house for all major holidays, breaks and even some long weekends. If, per chance, I made a friend as good as syllepsis, I know she would go and throw corn through the wire mesh every day while I was gone. I would need to make a friend as good as her. And, what are the chances of that happening? Also, it is not unusual for people to be frightened of chickens, so, there’s another obstacle.
My realization is, then, that chickens should no longer be a factor in my grad school decision making process.
I have less than two weeks to decide. I still haven’t heard back from three (3!) schools. I need MORE INFORMATION before I can say for sure where I’m going.


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