10. Dr. Pepper and Diet Pepsi. together. in a reusable plastic cup.

9. tanning beds

8. apathy toward work and school (the amount of time I spend grading papers)

7. starting my vegetable garden indoors at the south facing window, only to have them grow spindly and die when I transfer them to my 2′ 5′ garden plot. (grateful for the plot.) doing this every year anyways.

6. fear about my health turning into serious mental disorder.

5. most intimate relationship (with Boyfriend).

4. increasing fantasies about weddings and babies.

3. growing long, long, glorious red hair

2. sheep, pasture, fencing, clover, lambs, shearing, docking, rams

1. bad food habits, caffeine addiction, heart pain, arm numbness, selfishness, agoraphobia, dirty kitchen floor, the smell of my apartment, the accumulation on my carpet, the grime on my surfaces, the film in the shower, candle smoke blackening the walls, turning npr on and off and on and off and on, the amount of time I spend on the internet, the state of my bedsheets, hair balls, making accidental noises, working hard to control my state of mind, it working, yoga, ability to self sooth, dreams about babies, dreams about weddings, (mine both), sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep sheep sheep sheep, power struggles with men, telling stories, drinking a coke and telling a story, hearing one, opening up, remembering a detail, and. so. forth.


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    1. sherewin Post author

      Everyday I mean to work on it. I can almost guarantee you won’t be raped by a cat though. Unless you somehow fall in with the basement breeding system that’s going on downstairs.


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