I posted my apartment on Craigslist today. I had a response within a few minutes. Now, 8 hours later, I’ve had 43 responses. This process makes me so sad. It makes my move so real. I have beautiful flowers blooming out back and two thriving tomato plants. The thought of someone moving in, neglecting to water them, and letting them die is more than I can take.
Here is the listing:

I remember looking for apartments last year. There were so many dives. So many depressing places. So mane places to go and die. Then, I found this little studio and it has served me well. Truly, I’ve even loved the drama. I will probably never again have a warm winter like the one I had in this all heat paid apartment.
I already showed the apartment to the first girl who emailed me this afternoon. She is going into law at the U. I told her I was going to Washington. Being from U of Idaho, she did what everyone does…grimace: “Have you been there before?” This reaction is not a comfort.
There is a lot to love about Salt Lake City. Just as I’ve gotten comfortable and gotten friends, I have to move. This saddens me deeply. I will be devastated to leave Isaiah.
My hope is to move out sometime after the first full week in August. This depends on when my family will be able to make the trip up here to help me move.

In happier news, 2008 has been the summer of my sexual awakening. (Thank you, Thank you, very much.)

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