Yesterday, while we had Pakistan’s prime minister pledging his support to the US, six people were killed when a bomb hit a religious school there. In Iraq yesterday, 50 people were killed (and many injured) by suicide bombers. It seems to me that the leaders of those countries should be asking for our help. Our leader should be visiting them and pledging his support. We aren’t losing any lives on American soil, after all.
Yesterday, I read an essay from a student, which outlined the necessity of the war. He said a strong offense is the best defense. Well, this isn’t a high school basketball game. Actual people are dying. Thousands of US soldiers have died, and hundreds of thousands have died total. What are we fighting for? When will we have our quota? What are we defending ourselves against? I honestly do not know. Just your standard, state-sanctioned disaster capitalism?
It scares me that people (he is a bright student) is so incapable of seeing the flaw in his own logic. Namely, that he never made one single solitary point justifying the war, and yet he concluded at the end of his essay that yes, indeed, we must “stay the course” in Iraq. 


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