fat boys after bedtime

I am eating a fat boy. A few days ago, in a moment of weakness (more like several minutes of weakness) I bought a 12 pack of fat boys, 12 dreyers fruit bars, strawberry orange juice and ginger ale. I’m sure one would have sufficed. I am weak with exhaustion tonight. The moving has begun. Brother and I had a nice time in SLC yesterday. We went to the Monet to Picasso exhibit at the University of Utah. I was worried I’d seen it all in Paris last year, but I didn’t. Everything, the walk up there, the bookstore, the museum, were surprisingly relaxing. I needed to get my mind from aimlessly spinning it’s wheel.
I am too sad to even think about Boyfriend.

p.s. Oral sex used to be called “genital kissing.” I say we start a petition to bring back “genital kisses.” Doesn’t that sound way better than what we’re calling it these days?

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