things I like about my new home

1. I am pretty here.
2. The air quality is excellent.
3. There are ass loads of bike paths/jogging trails.
4. The shower is so big that I get tired walking from one end to the other. (My last shower was so small that if I dropped something, I had to get out of the shower and turn around in order to bend over to pick it up.)
5. The apartment is so big (a one bedroom!) that I get tired walking all the way to the kitchen from the bedroom.
6. The coin op laundry costs half of what the cheapest laundromat in SLC.
7. People smile.
8. Here, I am considered attractive.
9. I found a great lamp that I really needed at a thrift store that j’adore.
10. A solid internet connection when I want it.
11. A paved driveway.
12. Cousin lives nearby.
13. And on that note, Mom and Dad and sheep are much closer too.
14. It is not nearly as hot in the summer. (It is supposed to reach 100 degrees today and it doesn’t even phase me after Utah.)
15. I am above average looking here. (And yes, I will continue to mention it.)


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