things I like about Utah

1. The mountains of Utah.
2. UVSC–this was a great school.
3. SLCC–but mostly just during my last semester there.
4. The library.
5. The farmer’s market.
6. Sundance.
7. The peace and quiet of living in Zion.
8. The easy grid system layout of the cities.
9. Boyfriend.
10. Interesting neighbors.
11. Canton Village take out.
12. The great dollar theaters.
13. The few friends I made.
14. Being close to my grandpa.
15. Temple Square–flowers, tourists, stories, architecture–lovely.

3 thoughts on “things I like about Utah

  1. sherewin Post author

    16. Breakfast at the Colon Blow.
    17. Snowstorms in the city.
    18. That big, ol radiator in the winter.
    19. Monsoon rainstorms.
    20. Proximity to Vegas.

    1. sherewin Post author

      Awww. Good times. He actually looks pretty much the same to me.
      Sorry I missed your phone call, but I got a lot out of the message you left.


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