and again!

Today was the first day of orientation. I won’t even tell you how many minutes I made it before excusing myself to make a phone call to set up an appointment. I thought I would go back after a quick visit to the library. Then to look at my still empty, bleak office. Then, geez, I don’t know, I just went home. Tomorrow I actually have to be there for the TA info. Then a departmental orientation during the last half of the week. Today’s just seemed so unnecessary.
My office. It is bare and bleak. I share it with another student whom I haven’t met. I was looking around for an internet connection. Nothing. Then I realized, there aren’t even any electrical outlets! I was told that my office would be like my second home, but every home of mine has an internet connection. I mean, I really want it to be an office this time. I want a comfortable space to work. I want to be able to read peacefully there. I want to be able to write there. I want to be able to fool around on the internet. Unfortunately, as of right now, I just don’t think it’s going to be that kind of place.
My apartment. A couple of my closest neighbors are Middle Eastern or Indian. That means that dinner smells are full of exotic spices; they waft up to my apartment, making me wish I had put a little forethought into my own dinner.
Graduate school. At orientation, there were mostly Indian students. Either the white students blew off orientation, or that rumor is true that foreigners are taking up all the tech and science jobs. As an American, I wouldn’t know anything about that.
Weather. Tonight is a blustery night. The wind is supposed to blow in thunderstorms. I am told that in the winter, this gentle morning breeze turns into a bone chilling cold.


2 thoughts on “and again!

  1. sherewin Post author

    Okay, now I’m watching the skyline for a funnel cloud. Since I just moved here, I’m not sure if this wind is normal or not. The plants came inside after the wind blew some of them over and broke one of the tomato plants in half 😦

    1. syllepsis

      We had crazy wind yesterday late in the evening. It would follow that you would get some of that today. There were about a thousand apples on the ground this morning. Many of which I threw at the fire hydrant across the street. Target practice. I was working on my aim. My neighbors already think I’m crazy.


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