Things have been peaceful around here. I am single. Amid all of the moving and chaos, I’ve finally developed a routine, the kind of routine that reminds me that I am very, very single again.
I made dinner. I went for a run. Tonight, I will read.
Due to the fire between an Aries and a Sagittarius (as illustrated in previous post), I have had less time for peace and calm over the past year.
I’m sure that the loneliness will get to me soon enough. Right now I’m just on a runner’s high and feeling good.
Tomorrow is the departmental orientation where I will meet the people who will be my comrades of the next two/four years and hopefully my officemate too. I am curious. By the way, my office is getting better. Today I rearranged my desk, found an electrical outlet, and Windexed the whole thing. Much, much better. 


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