Where to begin? Tomorrow I start classes. I’m not really sure how to feel or whether or not I’m doing the right thing. This weekend was full of mindless self-indulgence, the kind of indulgence that Isaiah and I perfected. So, it ended up making me miss him a lot more. That, plus the missed phone calls and time by myself–
Last week’s orientation went well. I felt completely at ease, minus some of the awkward socializing. I want to be comfortable in this program. I want to have friends, or a friend. That will take awhile though.
I watched The Savages and definately consider it a drama, opposed to the comedic drama I was expecting. Laura Linney has a way of irritating me. That might make her a good actress, but it seems like the roles sometimes call for something else, yet she only ever delivers the irritating thing. I want to like her. I am probably just like her. My mom reminds me of every actress she’s ever mentioned that she didn’t like.
I watched Orange County and did not like it because I did not laugh very much. The main character was not funny.  The girlfriend was annoying. For me, a comedy needs to have a funny lead: Seth Rogen (my new secret crush), Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller, or John C. Reilly, for instance.
Speaking of comedies, Ricky Martin’s twins by way of surrogacy seems strangely reminiscent of the father in Blades of Glory. He adopts promising young orphans and puts them through rigorous training programs to make gold metalists out of them. Then if they don’t work out, he “unadopts” them. I imagine Ricky Martin creating little pop icons in his own image, his own little blinged out, collar-popped back up dancers.
So anyways, I tried to do the most unintellectual things I could think of all weekend. Actually, most of the summer was spent watching comedies and reading something called “chick lit,” which turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. I mean, the next four years will be full of something intellectual. If I’m not reading or writing for a class, then I’ll be reading to prepare for my exams or reading or writing for my dissertation. Hopefully I’ll get proficient and it won’t take quite the toll such work as taken on me in the past.
So, here I go.


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