my mini

ASUS Eee PC 2GB Surf 7" Mini Notebook Computer with Linux – Lush Green
Here is the new mini I bought. Isn’t it darling? It is supposed to arrive in the mail sometime next week. I’ve been in sort of a dilemma about my computer situation. My red Ferrari is the computer I use the most. I keep it stationary at my desk. I heart it, and it is not something I can take to school or take to classes because it is too big. Also, I don’t really want to risk the wear and tear. So, I bought this little mini. Mostly, it will be for taking notes and some drafting. It will also be for internet use. I’ll probably take it to school with me every day, which I can do because it’s a measly 2 pounds.  A few other people in the department have these and seem to love them. When I saw that they went on sell this week, well, I just had to buy. I know, I know, I know, I may end up buying another full blown computer soon enough, but I won’t until I absolutely have to.


3 thoughts on “my mini

  1. syllepsis

    So what is “Open Office” and how compatible is that with MS Office? I like it. I’ve been thinking of upgrading my old notebook computer so it’s actually, um, functional, but that will probably cost me 200 bucks anyway. Maybe I’d go this route. I’ve never even heard of this.

    1. sherewin Post author

      I was told that Open Office it is compatible with MS Office,Word, but I remain skeptical. The Word equivalent won’t have all the formatting options that Word has (although I am hoping it has some formatting options.) The downsides are that there is no dvd/cd drive and very little space. You pretty much have to save everything to a thumb drive. Also, it is very small. A 7″ screen may be hard to look at for extended periods of time…
      I’m excited!!

      1. syllepsis

        Will you let me know how it works out? I might be into it if I keep wanting to throw my old computer. I don’t usually use it, but it’s the traveling one.

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