I think that caffeine makes me fat. It doesn’t make any sense because when I’m drinking coffee or soda, I am actually eating less. I know about how many calories I eat in a day. It just seems like the caffeine messes with my metabolism in a bad way. Green tea is usually okay, but as soon as I start hitting the coffee and soda hard core, I gain weight. I know that soda has a lot of calories. I KNOW that! But, it’s the coffee that really mystifies me. It is low in calories, but it seems to be most closely connected to weight gain.

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    1. sherewin Post author

      Well, yes, okay, I’m putting half and half in the coffee. That might be the culprit. But, I also just have this “feeling” that something’s going on with my blood sugar or metabolism or something. Anyway, it’s green tea for me this morning 🙂


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