Rather than hijacking syllepsis’ comments section, I thought I would get some thoughts out here. There seems to be a discussion going on about Sarah Palin and sexism, but I’ve mostly only hear discussion about the discussion. It seems like people are incapable of actually turning their feminist lens on the situation and commenting. In her interview with Charles Gibson, she basically says that she doesn’t really see sexism. It was never really around for her growing up because of the new equality in sports. Obviously, this argument doesn’t go anywhere because only people who are a comfortable part of the hegemony say things like, I don’t really see sexism or I don’t really see color. She is only proving her comfortable social position here. The point is that these people are never forced to see gender, class, sexuality, race–whatever. Those who see racism, classism, and sexism do not get to choose. It’s in their faces and part of their lives every day.
Okay, but, back to Palin. She is a puppet, obviously. She is saying and doing exactly what I would expect her to do and say. She looks wide-eyed and shocked. I think she’s as shocked as we are to see her in this election. Yes, she is very conservative. The reality is that she holds the same views as a huge part of our population. Nothing new there. What she does do is she works to widen the nearly invisible gap between the democrats and the republicans. It’s a tool that works for winning elections. Divide and conquer. Which is part of the reason why I think it’s dangerous to hate Sarah Palin. It serves no real political function. But it does reinforce how easy it is for us to fucking hate women. The conversation about Palin is what a bitch, what a fucking idiot, what a cunt, what a great set of tits, what a VPILF. The conversation is public, but it’s even more rampant in private. Hating Sarah Palin is easy and more vitriolic because she is a woman. The same words and hate for a male politician are just not as powerful because we have no power over them because they are rich white men. They already have all of the power and can’t be disempowered by words. We do, however, have lots of power and dominance over women. We can make cutting remarks, and they will hurt and resonate because it’s easy to exercise power and dominance over women. John McCain, President Bush, plenty of male politicians say things that I think are a rhetorical nightmare. Figuring out how to approach the Palin conversation is trickier. Because she’s a woman. Do I like her politics or agree? Hell no! But seriously, what’s new?

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  1. syllepsis

    In going back over everything I’ve said about her, I can honestly say I would have said the same thing whether she were a man or a woman. I mean, at least I think I can. Though I would have objectified her more if I had found her attractive, that is true.

    In related news it just occurred to me that the male version of a MILF would be a FILF, which sounds appropriately dirty. But then it would probably be DILF instead, and that just sound stupid.


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