Boyfriend was here for nearly two weeks. He only meant to stay for a week. In fact, he didn’t mean to come here at all. It was just hard to let him leave. It was hard for him to walk away. We have no plans to see each other again, but I am going to try to devise a compelling reason for him to visit again.
Yes, I had to plan ahead, and it was hard to juggle having him here and entertaining him and schoolwork, but there were also some really productive things about having him here–mostly having someone to share ideas with and read through assignments that were due. I miss reading one liners to him.  *sigh*

Sad things: 
Today, while waiting for the bus, I thought the white Alero was him coming to pick me up from school.
I didn’t want to wash his favorite coffee cup and so just left it there on the counter.
I can’t throw away the garbage he left on the futon, nor the garbage he left in the kitchen.
Our last day together should be repeated again and again and again.

Happy things:
He was here.
He was beautiful.
He was smart.
He was funny.
It really seemed like he loved me.



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