this is the reality, people

I have been unable to maintain my hygiene and get a PhD at the same time. I tore myself away from essay-writing/fooling around on the internet to go to the store to stock up on some essentials and by essentials I mean toilet paper. I was completely out. My outing turned into two stores plus a walk through the mall. It was there that I caught my reflection and made the previously stated observation. My face was bare but for mascara smudges on both eyes. My hair was in a braid from…yesterday? I honestly can’t remember. I wore the jeans I’ve been rocking everyday (without washing) for I don’t know how long. The ensemble was completed with a gray hoodie over a purple t-shirt that, you guessed it, I’ve been wearing since Friday. So, I smell like that, plus the "tester " hand lotion I tried at Bath and Body Works. That’s the reality, people. Love me anyways.


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