Do you ever get this? Where you’re working out on an elliptical machine, or treadmill, or stair master, when about 30 seconds, or a minute, or 5 minutes in, you realize you have a deep and profound wedgy to pick. You don’t want to get off the machine because you’ve got all of the settings just the way you like it, and it’s busy so you aren’t 100% sure you’d get another machine if you got off. So, in the middle of the gym, with no way to hide it, you just go ahead and pick that wedgy? Well, that was me today. The good news is that I worked out for the first time in a long time. I’m talking some serious cardio to go along with my yoga four days a week (soon to be 6 days a week). I’ll be teaching classes of my own starting this weekend, so that will add two more classes to my usual schedule. The two new classes also prompted me to get some more cardio. As much as I love yoga and feel that it makes my life much better in many ways, it doesn’t usually give me the strength and cardio I need to stay at my comfortable weight. So, I hit the elliptical machines at the gym. I really liked the facility. They have big screen tvs so I can finally watch all of the trashy evening television I’ve been missing. Since I don’t have tv at home, hopefully this will be just the motivation I need to stay fit.
In other news, I got the flu shot yesterday. I am never sure whether or not I should get it. I’m not completely convinced of the safety of vaccines, but I work with the public so much that it seems like a good idea. So far, my arm is just sore. Now hopefully I won’t get autism.
On that note, one of the great things about UVU is that the buildings are all connected in ways that allowed me to walk all around, in and out of classrooms, and never touch a virus-infested door handle. Here at WSU, the door handles are everywhere: every classroom, every building, every bus, and even the hallways and stairwells have doors! These are the kinds of doors that have handles that have to be turned. I really have to get down and dirty with these door handles if I want to get in–it’s not like the kind you can just back into or push open with your butt. Anyway, I am exercising and washing my hands. Hopefully, that will be enough.

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  1. sherewin Post author

    Re: Gym wedgie picking

    If I wore a thong to the gym, it would be flossing out my colon and working it’s way to the small intestine before the session was over. Thongs only work for me in very specific contexts.


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