okay, I get it, people are definately raising hell on this campus

The following is a message from Washington State University:

Four males attempted to abduct a another male by trying to force him into a nearby vehicle. The victim was able to break free and escape.

The victim filed a report with police indicating that at approximately 1 AM on the early morning of Nov. 11th four males tried to push him towards a white vehicle. The incident occurred in the alley between Colorado and Campus Streets, most likely in the 400 block. The case is under investigation by the Pullman Police Department.

Anyone having information about this incident should call the Pullman Police Department at 509-334-0802 or the WSU Police Department at 509-335-8548.

For more information on campus safety issues, always check alert.wsu.edu

– Always walk in well lighted and well traveled areas
– Travel in groups whenever possible

This information is provided to give warning and notification of a crime against persons and a potential ongoing threat as a service to the university community and as part of the federal requirements of the Clery Act.

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