I finally felt better today. Finally! I am prone to what is, I’m sure, seasonal depression. The scariest thing about being depressed is losing control, not being able to come out of it. Usually exercise does the trick or exercise and diet, but I’ve been apathetically going through the motions all week. Today after yoga, I finally felt great. To top it off, I went for a walk and got a little sunshine. Hopefully that will continue. I haven’t been depressed for over two years. I attribute my contentedness to having been in a happy relationship. But now, I have to face another winter as a single girl–no easy task, especially not for me.
Also, this week a fellow grad student announced that she needed to get rid of a cat, a female Russian Blue, that’s actually half Bengal, but looks mostly Russian Blue. I did a little research and found that females are supposedly less allergy inducing than males and that the coat of a Russian Blue is somewhat hypoallergenic too. It’s tempting…


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