I am waiting for a break in the weather to make my trip home. I’ve actually been really anxious about the drive. Last night I couldn’t sleep. I have two possible ways of getting home, but both require traveling over highway mountain passes. There’s also the stress of putting on (and taking off) chains. I’m pretty good at putting them on, but I have to take my gloves off for part of it, and that is usually excruciatingly, painfully cold–especially in this weather. Still, I can’t wait to be home. I am told that one ewe is already making a bag, which means we could have lambs before I have to go back to school! Last year I helped the same ewe deliver her lambs, twins for Christmas. So maybe if I’m lucky she’ll lamb early again.
This semester has been a pleasure. Of course, I still need to get my grades back…But, overall, I stayed on schedule with my writing and research and produced the documents a day or two early. This is unprecedented, but I think it has to do with not allowing myself to get stressed and to just enjoy the process. I will turn in my last piece, a final portfolio this afternoon, one day early. And my grading was finished yesterday. Originally I thought I would be working through the weekend.
We’re getting a lot of snow here. Eventually I’ll have to pull on my snow boots and trek on up to the school to turn in my papers and water my office plant. I hope it can survive for three weeks without water. 


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    1. sherewin Post author

      I’m talking about her udder or teats, but we never use those words. And yes, it is exactly like a bump watch, except there are actual babies in there, opposed to a big lunch.


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