hair day

I am back in my apartment and trying to get everything in order for next week. On Wednesday I got a haircut with a woman who had cut my hair for many years in the past. Now, I remember why I stopped going. She does a great job with color, but the cut was pretty lackluster and wasn’t even what I went in for. I asked for a trim, about two inches off the bottom, with some texture in the bottom two inches. She cut off five or six inches, with a blunt cut along the bottom. She didn’t spend much time evening it up either, so I might find some interesting pieces when I fix it. My hair is (*was*) so long that it took some work to give it a good cut. She did not put in that work. My hair would still be considered "long hair," but I was really liking it long–really long. It needed a trim, yes, but it was still very thick and healthy at the bottom. Now I guess I’ll just grow it again…and find a new stylist who can give me the cut that I ask for. I know this all may seem petty, but…I like my hair. 


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