you’re asking me, will my love grow?

I cannot begin to describe the terror I felt yesterday as I opened my iTunes to receive an error message, which basically told me my music was not available. I could see the library, but when I clicked on a song, it was gone. The only thing left, weirdly, was The Beatles, which I only had on there because Boo insisted that I fall in love with them. Which I did. I then crafted a careful letter, after much searching, to iTunes customer service contact. I got an email from them, but in the meantime, had already found my music, all 10+ days of music, in my Recyle Bin. I restored the music, but then I couldn’t find it. Neither could iTunes. Finally, tonight, I found the music and reloaded into my iTunes.
So, that was my weekend.
I listened to The Beatles and wondered if they could indefinitely provide me with the soundtrack to my life.
The Beatles reminded me of my boo.
The Beatles reminded me of Across the Universe, which Boo made me watch.
Which I hated up until the point at which I loved it.
Which made me wonder how long I would be nostalgic about the past few years.
Which reminded me that I’ll move on when I am darn well good and ready.

That, and I healed my wound (or am healing my wound).

And wishing I didn’t have to teach three classes of yoga tomorrow.

And knowing that I have an entire library of music that will only ever remind me of Saiah. To get over him will require an entirely new set of music, which will be hard because I have all of the best stuff on there right now.
I could write a book, which correlates each album to a story from our time together.


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