Monthly Archives: March 2009

another hot child in the city

I saw an old friend and fell way, way back in love with him.
(Not unlike it is to see you again, Elizabeth).
Next, I will–
walk to Union Square and take in the fringe of the Tenderloin and the spectacle of the shopping one last time.
get kebab to go from that scary place past Taylor.
try to get the urine-smell out of my nose and off of my shoes before dinner.
make arrangements for the shuttle.
be sad to leave.
know it is for the best that I go now and say no more.
buy shoes.
watch poems race through my head.
try to do more than get by in Pullman.
start running hard on the treadmill.
mend this lonely heart with love from my mother.

I am in San Francisco right now. Although I’ve traveled quite a bit, this if my first time to California. I LOVE it. Of course, considering where m coming from, I guess I am easy to please. My flight left at 6:45AM, and I had to drive to the airport in a snowstorm. That was scary. The snow was so deep, I was pushing it with my car in some places. But, I could *not* get delayed because I had a flight to catch. Then to Seattle, where they do not have a McDonald’s and I could not get their breakfast meal I had been craving. Then in to SF around noon. I spent the afternoon walking the city and shopping enthusiastically. I bought a much needed hooded sweater because I forgot to pack one and the weather here is right in between. I practically showed up with a winter coat and snow packs, but had the where with all to leave me winter gear in the car (still, I for got that sweater!). Anyway, I sat at Union Square, basking in the lovely sun. After Paris, I am better able to deal with…unsavory characters. Still, I’m not so good at it, an obvious target, I think.
For lunch I bought a delicious slice of pizza and a coke and sat in the sun to eat it. Some dude came over and asked me for a piece. He was hungry. I was all, "what?" Then, "no." Then, "leave me alone." Then, when he persisted and sat next to me, I got up like I was going to leave and he left instead. Stuff like that, persistent stuff, never happens when I am with other people, and doesn’t really happen to other people as far as I can tell. I am told it is because I tend to look wholesome and "corn fed." Like I said, Paris helped.
I am staying in The Hotel California. I have always really hated that song, but whatever. The hotel is old, historic. I like it so far, except for the fact that I checked into a room and was dirty, with a rubber glove over the bathroom faucet and towel-clogged drain and moldy coffee in the little pot. It was gross. The whole thing. But, this new room is like that never happened…so far.
I am exhausted, which is why I can’t stop writing. I think I will rest here in the hotel until dinner time.
p.s. Remember when Evian used to taste good?