I am in San Francisco right now. Although I’ve traveled quite a bit, this if my first time to California. I LOVE it. Of course, considering where m coming from, I guess I am easy to please. My flight left at 6:45AM, and I had to drive to the airport in a snowstorm. That was scary. The snow was so deep, I was pushing it with my car in some places. But, I could *not* get delayed because I had a flight to catch. Then to Seattle, where they do not have a McDonald’s and I could not get their breakfast meal I had been craving. Then in to SF around noon. I spent the afternoon walking the city and shopping enthusiastically. I bought a much needed hooded sweater because I forgot to pack one and the weather here is right in between. I practically showed up with a winter coat and snow packs, but had the where with all to leave me winter gear in the car (still, I for got that sweater!). Anyway, I sat at Union Square, basking in the lovely sun. After Paris, I am better able to deal with…unsavory characters. Still, I’m not so good at it, an obvious target, I think.
For lunch I bought a delicious slice of pizza and a coke and sat in the sun to eat it. Some dude came over and asked me for a piece. He was hungry. I was all, "what?" Then, "no." Then, "leave me alone." Then, when he persisted and sat next to me, I got up like I was going to leave and he left instead. Stuff like that, persistent stuff, never happens when I am with other people, and doesn’t really happen to other people as far as I can tell. I am told it is because I tend to look wholesome and "corn fed." Like I said, Paris helped.
I am staying in The Hotel California. I have always really hated that song, but whatever. The hotel is old, historic. I like it so far, except for the fact that I checked into a room and was dirty, with a rubber glove over the bathroom faucet and towel-clogged drain and moldy coffee in the little pot. It was gross. The whole thing. But, this new room is like that never happened…so far.
I am exhausted, which is why I can’t stop writing. I think I will rest here in the hotel until dinner time.
p.s. Remember when Evian used to taste good?


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