love in the time of swine flu

Mama’s got the flu. Here’s what worries me. I do not think the information we are receiving is accurate. This morning reports on the BBC said that a doctor from Mexico reported that they were being told not to communication with news media about the severity of the problem. Today, there have already been more cases in the US than in Mexico. To me this only means that Mexico is not reporting as honestly/accurately as the US. There have been 40 cases in the US and 26 in Mexico (today). If Mexico were being more forthcoming, I think we would see that the illness is much more widespread. That said, Mama’s got a really bad case of the flu. She’s "never been so sick in her life." She also had a vaccine for the flu this year (as did I). But, this year’s flu vaccine does not protect against this swine flu. So, if this flu has hit a little tiny town in NE Oregon (although to be fair it is not a confirmed case of swine flu), then I would say that this disease is much more widespread than officials are letting on.


2 thoughts on “love in the time of swine flu

  1. syllepsis

    Oh, one thing I didn’t mention when we talked that pertains to this. I’m pretty convinced the media is being told specifically what to say (big surprise). If you’ll notice, the headlines surrounding this don’t vary all that much. Especially on Saturday, EVERY SINGLE headline said the same thing, no matter where it came from. Even if different sources are only getting their feed from the AP, they generally adjust the headline to suit their fancy. So, I totally agree with you here. I don’t know how much of this is crowd control and how much is “WTF, the economy can’t handle something serious like this right now,” but I definitely believe we aren’t getting the whole picture, from Mexico or here or anywhere.


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