Monthly Archives: May 2009


I ate everything in sight today. And then I ate more and took naps. And then I ran one errand. And then I didn’t go to yoga. And then I came home and ate everything else and took more naps and watched videos online and rolled around in the crumbs like it’s 1999.

don’t get me wrong

Today is the first day of summer session. Last week was finals week. That means there was no break because I actually started teaching today and have not yet submitted last semester’s grades. Don’t worry, they are due tomorrow. So, that’s what I’ll be doing. That, and prepping for a class I’ve never taught nor taken. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to be teaching, but I really need a break.

A pain in my knee woke me up this morning. Let me back up. Yesterday, I fell/slipped and came down hard on one knee. That knee promptly formed a lump and then a bruise later in the evening. This morning the other knee is what kills. I mean, I could barely hobble in to the kitchen for drugs.
Right now I am waiting for my "boyfriend" to pick me up. We are attending a wedding with his ex-girlfriend, whom I keep accidentally referring to as his "girlfriend." It’s gonna be a good day!

how sad a thing

Today I peeked over someone’s shoulder to read this out of his journal: "How sad a thing…"

I am exhausted. Everything is due tomorrow, so I will be drinking green tea late into the night, once again. After that, Mom will come for a visit and things should slow down. I’ll have to grade portfolios later in the week, and that’s work, but I don’t mind it because it is not stressful to me. I’ve been grading piles of essays for years now. I know how to do it.

I have the urge to go wild, party late into the night, drink to excess, let my hair down, scream and dance. It is just a reaction to this end of the semester pressure. A break certainly will feel good.