not much, just these

I’ve had nothing to say. I’m just watching the relationship unravel and rekindle. Fascinating.
Lounging on the balcony admiring flowers and taking a book, but resting my eyes.
Wondering what all I’ll get to this summer. Everyone has requested a weekend.
Trying to think of something to say about the summer solstice for meditation.
The amorphophallis titanum (in addition to other misshapen phalluses).
Dreams of camping by a clear mountain lake, warmed by the sun.
Setting resolutions to exercise and eat less for six weeks.
Scratching mosquito bites until they’re raw.
Scared of what their capable of. Men.
Father’s Day card to my father.
Unwashed hair brushing.
The last day of class.
Gluten intolerance.
Drinking the pool.
Teaching yoga.
Not bathing.


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