odds and ends

Today I don’t have to be on campus, so I have plans to stay home and completely finish a project that is due on Monday. It’s going to be hard, and it will be nice to get it over with. It’s a journal review of sorts. I have a partner from class, and we’re trying to work on it via Google Docs. I have showered and desperately want to clean my apartment. This is typical of me. I think I will allow myself to wash the bedding, but no other major cleaning duties until after the project is completed. Of course, now I’m writing on lj–one of my favorite forms of avoidance.

Yesterday I saw these two very chubby girls. One was eating a sandwich. One was drinking a Coke. They were not attractive, nor were they unattractive, but they were very chubby. They were sharing a lunch on a bench on campus. And right there, in front of all those people–students milling around–they were falling madly in love with each other. It was so sweet to see.

Today my car is in the shop, again. ’09 has been a rough year for the old Alero. I’ve put a lot of money into it this year. Despite the advice of many people, I’m not getting a new car as of right now because buying a new car (with payments) would cost me over $3,000 a year…and that’s being conservative. So, these repairs, while they add up and are inconvenient, are still much less than I new car would be. And, I still feel comfortable in my car. I would still take on a road trip with it. When I can’t drive it home to Oregon anymore, that’s when I’ll need to assess whether or not I need a new car. 


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