b’ham tomatoes

Today I am reminded of Bellingham. I think it’s the time of year, the temperature, the breeze, that reminds me of the walk I used to make at least once a day from my apartment to campus and back. I loved the neighborhood I lived in. It was full of big, old houses and big, sweeping views of the bay. There was a garden along the sidewalk that looked very uncared for, but, to be fair, most gardens start to look ragged this time of year. I watched the tomatoes grow and ripen. Every day when I walked past, I would be tempted to steal one of them. It certainly didn’t look like anyone else cared. Finally, when the tomatoes were just right, and had been for several days, I picked one and ate it. It was amazing as are all homegrown tomatoes. I ate it alone. I walked took walks down to Boulevard Park. I went to the grocery store in Fairhaven. Today reminds me of that.


One thought on “b’ham tomatoes

  1. coffeeandcigs14

    Because of this reminder of how beautiful life can be, because of this reminder that things are sometimes okay… I must become your friend.

    Thank you so much for this. I really needed this.


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