b’ham tomatoes

Today I am reminded of Bellingham. I think it’s the time of year, the temperature, the breeze, that reminds me of the walk I used to make at least once a day from my apartment to campus and back. I loved the neighborhood I lived in. It was full of big, old houses and big, sweeping views of the bay. There was a garden along the sidewalk that looked very uncared for, but, to be fair, most gardens start to look ragged this time of year. I watched the tomatoes grow and ripen. Every day when I walked past, I would be tempted to steal one of them. It certainly didn’t look like anyone else cared. Finally, when the tomatoes were just right, and had been for several days, I picked one and ate it. It was amazing as are all homegrown tomatoes. I ate it alone. I walked took walks down to Boulevard Park. I went to the grocery store in Fairhaven. Today reminds me of that.


1 thought on “b’ham tomatoes

  1. coffeeandcigs14

    Because of this reminder of how beautiful life can be, because of this reminder that things are sometimes okay… I must become your friend.

    Thank you so much for this. I really needed this.


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