the reason for the season

Last night the novio and I drove up to Spokane to help celebrate his grandmother’s 80th birthday. They are mostly nice people, a mellow bunch who wore warm swears and very little make up. (There were a few Christmas sweaters that were over the top in my opinion, but I’ll let that slide.) I’m learning the handful who always have something to say, and then I go stand by that person so it seems like I’m a part of the conversation, with very little effort.
The waiter ask me and the boyfriend if the kids would like children’s menus. That got a good laugh out of everyone. “What? No, we’re not even married.” Blush. And then everyone steals quiet looks afterwards…will they?
This family is composed of doctors. I mean, he has a cousin in law school, but pretty much everyone else is a doctor. They are quiet, unexcitable people. My boyfriend and his siblings have more flare for darkness, tempers, obstinacy, and negativity than any of the other extended family members combined it seems.
Although the fancy dinners and their palatial homes are a far cry from the ranch I grew up on, I fit in well with the family. The jury’s still out as to whether or not I fit well with the boyfriend.


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