for the holidays

I’ll be visiting my parents for the holidays as usual. I can’t wait to be home. Since my mom has to work right up to the day of Christmas, I’ll be in charge of cooking Christmas dinner this year. I also cooked Thanksgiving dinner this year. I enjoy it, but it’s hard work. I’m not used to being on my feet in the kitchen all day! Still, I like the idea of being able to cook the meal. I want to get good at it and perfect a few of my favorite dishes.
The boyfriend is also going home with me for the first part of the break, but will not stay for Christmas. I think this is best. Christmas is a big step. We’ll see where we’re at next year šŸ˜‰
While I’m home, I’ll have sheep to take care of. I want to visit my dearest auntie, who was very sick last week. I want to read a book for fun (even though the unfun books are stacking up). And, I’ll leave a few days before schools starts because I will have worn out my welcome and because I want to clean the house and get things in order before I start a new semester. Incidentally, it will be my last semester of coursework. Yippee! It’s a strange feeling. I love the dynamic of the classroom–the readings, the discussion, and the shared knowledge–but I do not love the seminar papers. I will be glad to never write another one of those again. Of course, those seminar papers will be replaced with “the diss,” and I can only imagine how much I’ll grow to love whatever that turns out to be.
Merry Christmas.


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