We are taking a break. I love us on a break. We visit like civil humans. There is comfortable distance. I get warm fuzzies when I see him. Today we took the dog on a walk (which was planned before the break), I was bundled, my hair covered, large black glasses, and clutching my hood at the throat to keep it from blowing back. He said I looked like Mae West. I could see that. The day was gorgeous. This 50 degree weather has fooled the early stuff into blooming, but winter will probably come back and kill it all off. The sun felt so good on my skin. Days like these in January are so appreciated, even if they’re terrible for the snow pack.
I’ve been exercising again. I mean more than just yoga. Feeling slightly sore and healthier all ready.
I ate an enormous cheeseburger today. I couldn’t help myself. It was not that great, but filling.
I’ve been researching a move and researching a dog. I should probably have a baby instead, but in the meantime I feel like a dog is more likely. I wonder what would be a good match for me…
Anyway, that’s all. It was a good day. A bright sunny day. My legs feels smooth and my hair feels clean. What more could a girl ask for?


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