do not operate heavy machinery

I just got back today from the big Georgia adventure. I came back with a full-blown cold that had been ruminating since before I left. I have a very small class this semester, with one other student, and I’m certain she’s who got me sick. Her son was hospitalized with it a few weeks ago. Then she got it and insisted on coming to class with it for a week and a half. We huddled around the little table where we hold class, me trying not to breath, her offering to share her pencil. No thanks. 
I loved what I could see of the south. It was slow and comfortable and easy. I am a sucker for being called ‘honey’ or ‘sugar’ or ‘babe.’ I eat it up. So, there was that.
I had a marvelous time with my good friend, Mom. My brother looked handsome. He seems to be having a great time. He is very, very physically fit. They work hard all day, and they party all night. He’s made many good friend, and I feel good about him being there.
What can I say? We had the time of our lives.
Now, I’m back and already working on stuff for school, through a haze of fog and cold medicine. But, I am confident that with plenty of oranges, lots of sleep, and light yoga, this thing will be gone very soon. One can hope.


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