the blahs

I’m slowly. slowly getting over this cold. A semester that’s rolling along smashingly, I’ve been caught up on reading and writing and projects and meetings oh my!, but it’s all falling apart with this terrible cold, which *is* getting better now, but just slowly. slowly.
Today we had a loud thunderstorm, with lightening and screaming and everything close enough to raise my neck hairs and cause the speakers on my computer to hiss. It was followed by a downpour to cleanse the static.
Tonight after yoga I did cardio for twenty minutes. I wanted to sweat and get things back to normal, accelerate my recovery. I’ve been teaching yoga from a seated, meditative pose, cuing everything. It worked for a week, but now I feel obligated to get back up on that podium. At this point I can exercise, and I can talk, but doing them at the same time still proves challenging. Today I worked myself in to a cold, feverish sweat, weird equilibrium stuff happening with the snot and the ears and the extended mountain pose and the downdog, until finally I had to just sit back in my meditative pose and verbally cue the class. Thank goodness most of these people have been coming to my class for awhile and know my cues. Still, like I said, I feel like it’s been long enough and I need to get back up on that podium.
With the exception of personal vendettas, colds and flu are the only reason I’ve gotten a B. Hopefully I can steer this semester back in the right direction. Starting…tomorrow! (Which is what I told myself last Monday, last Wednesday, and again this morning.)


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