Imagine your life without caffeine. Scary, huh? That has been my life since early last fall. I had to quit all forms of caffeine, my beloved coffee, green tea, and soda. The reason is that my heart started palpitating every night, starting last fall. I also developed strange muscle twitches and shakes–just from a cup of green tea. It scared me. I would be in bed, holding the phone in my hand, hoping that if my heart stopped, I would have enough time to dial 911 and hope for the best. Why wasn’t I married yet? Why didn’t I have someone to take care of me in these kinds of situations?! Ha! Of course those thoughts were always gone in the morning.

So, I stopped drinking caffeine all together. Cold turkey. I continued to have heart palpitations and muscle twitches, but they decreased in frequency and intensity. Around the same time, my doctor referred me to a cardiologist, an appointment that was 6 weeks out. After quitting the caffeine, about two weeks before the appointment, I canceled it.

I should also mention that I suspect that this heart thing is also connected to anxiety. Now, this program is nowhere nearly as stressful or hostile or weird as my Master’s degree. In fact, this hasn’t been any of those things. But the reality is that the pressure of getting a PhD is intense. The workload is intense. I have no time to develop friendships, relationships, or past friendships. In fact, I withdraw from those because they all add to the pressure and the feeling that I don’t have time for one. more. thing. I feel like I’m letting people down when I don’t go to visit. When I don’t pick up the phone. When I don’t let them visit me. (And yes, that has happened with dear friends.) So, I withdraw. It’s not a great quality of life, obviously, but it’s only for two more years. And I really don’t think it’s a habit I can’t break because when I was working as an adjunct (very busy), I made more time for life outside of academia. I really did. And it was good.

So, back to the drinks. I have had caffeinated green tea twice since I quit in the fall–always in group situations where drinking only water was the the most awkward thing imaginable. Last night was one of those nights. I felt fine. I had a nice night out. I drank and ate other noncaffeinated things as well. I got home late and got ready for bed, but suddenly? I had all this energy. I finished grading all of my papers. I did some reading. My mind was so sharp! It reminded me of the good old days of drinking caffeine. This always makes me sad because writing and green tea go hand in hand for me. I have such pleasant memories, and I hate to give it up. What if I never write again?! Imagine getting a PhD without caffeine. Imagine writing a story without caffeine. That is going to have to be my life. And I am sad to give up this bitch lover, you can count on that.

The good news is that, in all honesty, if I practice yoga and get at least 15 minutes of cardio on top of that, I have all of the energy and clarity I need to write, read, and do the work I need to accomplish to get through this program. This winter was evidence. I was exercising and had tons of energy and actually stayed ahead of my homework and reading. Still, I get to feel sorry for myself now and then that I don’t get to enjoy that simple pleasure and the way it makes my mind work so well. That is all.


2 thoughts on “dry

  1. syllepsis

    1. I know everything is about me, so I’ll just say it… You know you’re still my second favorite person, even if you never visit me at all, ever. I don’t even care if I’m, like, your tenth or twelfth favorite. Or twentieth. I know I get lippy, but I’d like you to consider me fairly low-stress. You just have to love me.

    2. Heart stuff! I started having this heart palpitation / racing thing every evening when I had green tea. It made me crazy. Until I realized that I had gotten a different tea than I usually did. I switched back and I haven’t had it since. I definitely admire the caffeineless though. Since I started trying the whole 6 small meals a day (instead of 2) and made it a priority to get cardio every day, I find I don’t *need* caffeine at all. I still drink a cup every morning, but sometimes I forget. It’s not about tired anymore.

    1. sherewin Post author

      I do feel bad that I can’t see you more often. I’ve had friends who’ve wanted to come for a visit, and I said no. I hate that.


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