I’d rather get all chatty on an LJ post than do any homework. I think the trouble is that I’m sort of stuck on where to go with this paper (the one that’s due by the end of the week). Unfortunately I don’t have anything to say here. Well, at least nothing to be said that can be done in a few minutes, in a few lines. Everything’s very elaborate and would take forever, which is why I am planning a visit to Bellingham very soon. In the meantime, the boyfriend defends, presents the work for his masters degree tomorrow, which will entail attending a one hour seminar, visiting with the dad and wife why the bf defends. Maybe icecream? Maybe dinner someplace nice? Actually, I’m looking forward to it, but I know I won’t get anything else done…which is why I should REALLY think about getting work done tonight. 


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  1. syllepsis

    Now that the little lady is home I can discuss dates with her. I’m worried nothing in May will work though. Her mother comes in ten days, I don’t think she’ll want visitor(s) before then. And then we’re going to Portland and then you move. I mean, if I have to come there again I will. At least I won’t have to charm you to drive me back to your place if I’m tired of hanging out with your bf once you move.

    1. sherewin Post author

      I just found myself looking up certain cancers online.(I really need to see a specialist. (I know you understand.)) Which means it’s probably time for me to stop writing my paper and go to bed.
      As for a visit, we’ll figure something out. If it’s your fault I can’t come visit then…at least it’s your fault 🙂


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